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International "Pronouncing" bible in English from the late 1890s, encased in leather, back contains some family history from surnames such as Isenberger, Seeley, Martinson, Harding, and Gillette. One of the early family entries which is verifiable through online ancestry databases (and found a photo of his gravestone) is for "Abraham Lincoln Isenberger born Sept 24 1863" pretty cool antebellum name! Another name is "Nettie Seeley born 1868" (Nettie Emerson Seeley), found a portrait online of her and Abraham together. Family seems to be from the Midwest, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and some later moved west to California, Oregon, Washington. Bible is in good condition, inside front cover is missing but is still affixed to outer leather. Binding a little loose but still good. Leather has some normal surface wear for its age. A few of the front/back pages have some tears and a set of pages in the front have some wear around the chapter locator divot near edge. 

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Antique Leather Bible 1890s Family Isenberger Seeley Martinson Gillette

Estimated Value: $75.00

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