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Beautiful antique painting probably made in Mongolia but possibly Tibet. Purchased about 10 years ago from a respected art dealer in Kathmandu. Water based pigments on either cotton or silk, and then mounted (possibly at a later date) on a thick hardwood. Date of painting is likely between 60-80 years ago. From what I have learned it "shows the outer form of Yama, called king of the Dharma/Dharmaraja, and his sister Yami in front of their skull palace. Yama is the South Asian god of death and in Buddhism different forms of him and Yamantaka symbolize the victory over death that attaining nirvana signifies." That is part of the description given by an expert at a Himalayan Art museum in New York City who reviewed this painting, who also said of it "very traditional and quite nicely, but provincially painted" (the buyer is welcome to have that email as a provenance). 

More recently is was brought to a reputable local art conservator, who refused to touch it and said it was perfect and needed no treatments or cleanings! Painting and wood in excellent condition for its age. The colors are somewhat more muted than the photo depicts, probably due to smoke that is common in Himalayan homes, but that is part of the fine patina. Some wear to the edges, 1 or 2 small spots of paint loss which aren't very noticeable because the wood underneath is a similar color value, and there is some general surface roughness but overall no major issues here. This is a unique, antique Buddhist painting, and you won't easily find another quite like it.


11 3/4 x 11 3/4 in

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Antique Buddhist Thangka Painting on Wood Tibet Mongolia

Estimated Value: $650.00

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