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Collection of 50 boxed vintage reel-to-reel demo tapes of voice artists seeking radio commercial and jingle work. Perhaps the best thing is that each tape comes with a personalized box designed to showcase the personality of the voice talent or agency. Some of the box designs are plain, but others are more like an album cover. Rare to find even a handful of these. Imagine you had to send your voice demo tape to many radio stations and you wanted yours to stand out from the competition! Next imagine the person who worked at a radio station such as WKRP in Cincinnati and they stashed these weird tapes people sent in - that's how we wind up at this unique collection of audio.

The boxes are in great condition, the tapes inside appear to be in good condition but haven't been tested. I believe these tapes are all 7.5 IPS Mono format. Some of the boxes also contain a business card of the voice talent looking for work (an extra touch of salesmanship), other reels inside have a sticker with the name and phone number of artist. Many of the box art designs continue to the back side and list the ad spot information, while others have this info handwritten on the back, and some don't include any track info. The writing on boxes is minimal - most don't have any writing luckily. Often radio station stuff is covered with hastily written notes, these are quite clean.

Most of these tapes were sent from people working in the Chicago area, late 1970s and early 80s (a few are from Nashville and LA of course). For instance we have Chicago area ad spots for: Louis Joliet Mall, Sheraton Plaza Hotel, WFLD-TV, Chicagoland Jeep Dealers, Muskegon Mall, Illinois Bell Phone Store, First Wisconsin Bank, Rath Meats, Norwood Savings & Loan, Chicago & North Western Railroad, Northern Illinois Gas, etc. 

Other ads were for corporate products: Diet Sunkist, United Air Lines, Kraft Cheese, Schlitz, Nehi, Mazda, Kodak, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Waffle House, Tonka Toys, Vienna Sausage, Hamburger Helper, Cheerios, Glade, Mello Yello, Cover Girl Makeup, Eastern Airlines, Alberto VO5, Noxzema, Burger King, Levis Strauss, 7up, Exxon, Huffy Bikes, Pizza Hut, Sears, Juicy Fruit Gum, Kinney Shoes, Coors, Head & Shoulders, Kent Cigarettes, M&Ms, Del Taco, etc the list goes on and on - some heavy hitters here most of these folks were not amateurs! At least one of the tapes contains sound effects such as "caughs", applauses, and "ooh-aahs".

A treasure trove of commercial sounds, and original box art as a bonus, in great condition. Selling this lot as-is, no returns. We have inspected these visually and as best we can tell the tapes inside are the correct ones for their box, this collection seems to have been well taken care of. Thanks for looking, wish we had audio to share!

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50 Vintage Radio Commercial Reel to Reel Demo Tapes In Original Boxes

Estimated Value: $200.00

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