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Very rare unique 2 Live Crew item, this was recently found in the estate of a retired radio station employee. This is a video reel-to-reel tape for their big hit "C'mon Babe" and was released by RockAmerica who is known for their distribution of music video tapes. The tape is 1 inch size but not sure of the video format, to play it you would need a specialized reel-to-reel player the type used in TV/Radio stations of the late 1980s. Amazingly it still has the cardboard box, and the tape looks clean but is being sold as-is untested. Tape reel label says its RockAmerica tape #38 with 1 video clip of 4:22 duration. Box label shows that the video was produced by "Stepping Stone Productions" of Boca Raton FL. This is so rare you won't find info about these anywhere else online. 

2 Live Crew Video Reel-to-Reel Tape Cmon Babe From RockAmerica

Estimated Value: $75.00

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