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Lot of 7 new CD-ROMs for the 20th Anniversary of ET the Extra Terrestrial containing games and other software tidbits, released by Kodak in 2002. Only one shown in photos but we have 7 identical quantity included in this lot. Not sure how or where these CDs were distributed probably as a freebie with some other Kodak purchase, surely most were thrown away. CD is unused and in original cardboard sleeve, excellent condition. CDROM software inside was designed for old 300Mhz computers such as Windows 95 or Macintosh G3. Items are untested and is being sold as a collectible, not as a functional software computer item. Please keep in mind these are a vintage software CDs, not DVDs.

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Lot of 7 ET Extra Terrestrial CD-ROM Games 2002 20th Anniversary Kodak

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